Customer Quotes

  • "• I own a minibus hire service, I needed a Glasgow City Centre plated replacement because of an accident that was not my fault. Easigo supplied one next day. They also dealt with the driver's & passengers' injury claims. Very fast service; helpful & efficient"

    Mr.C. MacBride, Glasgow

  • 'A truck went in the back of my van; Easigo lent me a replacement, sorted my injury claim and got me a cash settlement instead of repairing my van;- happy to recommend them to anyone'

    Mr. Azad, Glasgow

  • 'There was a pile up on the motorway; the car behind me failed to stop & went in the back of me. Easigo sorted my claim. They provided a replacement taxi, & looked after my whiplash claim. Best of all, I didn't have to pay any policy excess, or lose time off the road. Great service!'

    Mr. W. Wallace, Angus

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Taxi & Commercial Claims

We cover all types of commercial vehicles; from taxis to vans, and even HGVs, and PSVs. If you are a taxi driver, we can normally supply a plated vehicle, for your area, the next day. We are able to offer bespoke packages to fleet operators and insurance brokers, providing cover for a wide range of vehicles.We appreciate that small & medium sized fleet operator often have to rely on their insurance brokers to handle their claims, which results in problems taking a long time to be resolved. We are able to file any claim directly with the other driver's insurers; greatly speeding up the whole process. We can offer national recovery, as well as handling all aspects of the claims process

As with all our services, you never pay anything, for using us. Unlike a lot of our competitors, we do not charge you a percentage of what you win. All our fees are recovered from the other parties' insurers. This also means that your non claims bonus will not be affected, and that you will not have to pay any policy excess. We are not purely interested in handling your injury claim- we do everything to get you back on the road, and your life back to normal. No wonder so much of our business comes from personal recommendation!

We ONLY handle road accident claims, and offer a UK wide service. When you call our helpline, an operator will take some brief details of your accident. A trained accident specialist will then call you back, and start your claim. They will also advise you on any aspect of your claim, - how to register your injuries with the doctor or accident unit etc. They will arrange for a free replacement car, if yours is undriveable, so that you can get back on the road.

Once we have established you have a good claim, we can do everything from getting your car to a repair shop, delivering a loan vehicle to your home/ place of work, and organising any medical treatment you may need, as well as handling your claim for compensation. Our compensation claims solicitors are experts in this area- they only deal with road accident claims. We will deal directly with the other parties' insurers, as well as with the repair garage. Unlike a lot of insurance companies, who insist on repairing your vehicle at their nominated Bodyshops, (they get a commission from the repairers), we use main dealers. This ensures that your vehicle is properly repaired.

All our services are handled from the one location, so we can easily coordinate all aspects of your claim, and youhave a single number to call, should you have any queries. If your driver has been injured, we can arrangephysiotherapy& other treatments, at a location and time suitable to them. We will organise a medical report,which will form the basisof their injury compensation claim.This will be done at a time & place convenient to you.Once we have the report,we will negotiate with the other party, to get your driver maximum compensation.