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Customer Quotes

  • 'I had a crash at night, next day Easigo delivered a hire car to my work, and got me a great value on my written off car. They also arranged physiotherapy for my neck injury, and excellent injury compensation. I'm very pleased & have recommended Easigo to several friends. Many thanks!'

    Mr. C Wallace, Fife

  • 'Because I am only third party insured, my own insurer would do nothing, when some idiot pulled out on me. Easigo supplied a quality replacement car, and had mine repaired. They arranged everything, and got me compensation for my broken ribs. My uncle recommended them- I would have been stuck without their help!'

    Mrs.Gordon, Angus

  • 'A German HGV went in the side of my car, on a roundabout. Easigo tracked down their insurers, lent me a replacement car, sorted my injury claim and got me a great cash settlement for my car;- I am happy to recommend them to anyone'

    Mr.W. Braid, Edinburgh

  • 'Although I have fully comp insurance, my insurers would not supply a courtesy car because mine was a write off. Easigo lent me a car until I had received my pay out, plus a further week's use, so I could find a replacement car. Even though I was not claiming PI, they still sorted everything, totally free of charge'

    Ms. T. Gallagher, Glasgow

  • 'my year old BMW M3 was written of, but the insurers would not supply a similar sports car; they only offered a Vauxhall. Easigo lent me a new M3, &got me a great pay out on mine. They also arranged treatment for my shattered elbow, & are chasing a good injury settlement'

    Mr Azuzi, Glasgow

  • ' 'I was hit in the rear at some traffic lights- it was obviously not my fault. Although I am fully comp insured, my own insurers would not supply a presentable car, for me to see my business clients in. Easigo arranged a suitable replacement, and also had my car fixed at the main dealers- not something the insurers were prepared to do! Happy to recommend their excellent service to anyone with a genuine claim- many thanks!'

    Ms.Fawsworth, Edinburgh

  • 'When I was hit in the side, by a guy pulling out, my insurer told me my policy was invalid, because my car had been in accident before. I rang Easigo; they had my car repaired, and recovered lost earnings, as well as getting me compensation for my neck and arm injuries'

    Mr. T. McGoveron. Angus

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Car Accident Claims

Our car accident claims service is free for our clients. All our car insurance claim fees are recovered from the other parties' insurers. This also means that your non claims bonus will not be affected. We are not purely interested in handling your injury claim- we do everything to get you back on the road, and your life back to normal. No wonder so much of our business comes from personal recommendation!

We ONLY handle road accident claims, and we have offices in Glasgow. We are also able to deal with EEC car insurance claims, so long as there are injury claims involved. Likewise, if you have been hit by a foreign driver, we can handle your claim. Even if your insurance has lapsed, or your insurer has invalidated your policy, we can handle car repair &injury claims. If the other driver was uninsured, we can also recover compensation for injuries. Likewise, if the other insurer has dealt with the car damage claim, or if you have let your own insurer handle things, we can handle the injury side of the insurance claim for you, and get your policy excess back. In our experience, it is never a good idea to accept offers from the other insurers, their aim is to pay out as little as possible!

You can call our car insurance claim helpline, any day of the week, and we are open 24 hours.An operator will take some brief details of your accident. A trained accident specialist will then call you back, and start your car accident claim. They can also help advise you on any aspect of your insurance claim, - how to register your injuries with the doctor or accident unit etc. They will arrange for a free replacement car, if yours is undriveable, so that you can get back on the road

Once we have established you have a good claim, we do everything from getting your car to a repair shop, delivering a loan car to your home/ place of work, and organising any medical treatment you may need, as well as handling your claim for compensation. Our compensation claims solicitors are experts in this area- they only deal with car accident claims. We will deal directly with the other parties' insurers, as well as with the repair garage. This means that you are free to spend your time either recovering or getting back to a normal life, without having the headache of running around sorting your insurance claim.

All our services are handled from the one location, so we can easily coordinate all aspects of your claim, and you have a single number to call, should you have any queries. If you have been injured, we can arrange physiotherapy & other treatments, at a location and time suitable to you. We will organise a medical report, which will be used to determine the value of your injury compensation claim. This will be done at a time & place convenient to you. Once we have the report, we will negotiate with the other party, to get you maximum compensation.

We can lend you a car, either for the time it needs to go in the garage for repairs, or, if it is not repairable, until such time as the other party have paid for the car. Unlike a lot of insurance companies, who insist on repairing your car (they get a commission from the repairers), we can get you a cash equivalent for the damage. Some people do not feel happy driving a car which has been repaired, and this gives you the option of taking a cash settlement instead. Likewise, if you have an older car, you may prefer the money, and fix it yourself. Hopefully, like most of the people who have used & are happy to recommend us, you will feel confident that we offer the best service available- all at no cost to yourself.


Fully comprehensively Insured Drivers.

Even if you are fully comp insured, you may well not be entitled to the help you deserve, when you have an accident that is not your fault. For example, a lot of insurers will only supply a replacement car if your car is not a write off; likewise they often only offer unsuitable replacement cars, instead of a similar model. If yourcar is still driveable, they will expect you to go around getting quotes from accident repair garages. Even worse, they may insist on you having your car accident claim repairs handled by their own repairers, rather than the main dealer. This can have a severe impact on the resale value of your car. We have also had clients who have been refused any help by their insurers, despite the car accident claim being entirely valid. Examples include: that the car had previously been subject to a car accident claim; that the client had missed a premium or not fully disclosed points on their licence, or even failed to advise a change of address! It is always a better idea to contact Easigo car accident claims experts first; they will nearly always provide a better service, and you can always fall back on your own insurer, if unhappy!

Third Party Insured only drivers.

Generally, insurers will provide no assistance at all, if you have a car accident claim that was not your fault. They are only prepared to deal with a third party's insurance claim. Easigo car accident claim experts will handle your claim as if you were fully insured. They will still supply a courtesy car, and handle all aspects of your car accident claim. This includes getting your damaged car inspected, and repaired, and handling your injury claim and other losses. Easigo car accident claim experts will also arrange any medical treatment you may require. Most claims companies are only interested in dealing with your personal injury claim. Easigo are happy to deal with all aspects of your car accident claim. They will even help with parked, unattended, car accident insurance claims.

Uninsured Driver Claims.

We get an increasing number of clients who only find out they are technically uninsured, once they have a car accident claim. In a lot of cases, the bank has missed a direct debit, or the client has not supplied some further information, having completed an on-line insurance proposal. Insurers are quite happy to take your money, then refuse to provide any cover, once there is a car accident claim.

Even though we are not able to supply a replacement car- legally, you should not have been driving, so you cannot have a car to use, we will handle all other aspects of your car accident claim, so long as there is an injury claim also involved. Easigo car accident claims experts will recover the repair or replacement value of your vehicle, as well as dealing with the injury aspects of your insurance claim.