Whether you are fully insured, or just third party, EasiGo Scotland offers a better car accident claim service than your insurer!

Our car accident claim service cost you nothing! Whether you are fully insured or only third party, we will supply a courtesy vehicle, delivered to your home. We claim directly off the other insurers, so safeguard your no claims bonus and policy excess. We handle all the paperwork, get your vehicle repaired, and arrange private medical care to help you recover from your car accident. We get maximum compensation for your car accident claim, and our services are entirely free for our clients.We recover all uninsured losses, including loss of earnings, and can even handle injury claims even if you are uninsured.

Easigo-Scotland are the Scottish car accident claim experts!

No fees, 100% Compensation FREE Loan Vehicle Full Vehicle Recovery and Repair Specialist Injury Claim Solicitors No insurance excess and NCB protected

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With just one call, we'll make your life easier by:

  • If required, providing you with a replacement vehicle, until yours is fixed
  • Arranging recovery and damage assessment of your vehicle
  • Liaising with insurance companies and sorting the paperwork
  • Get you maximum compensation for your injury claim
  • Recover lost earnings, & any other insurance claim losses

Why use us
instead of
your own

Your insurer offers:

  • A small courtesy car but ONLY if comprehensively insured
  • You pay your policy excess- even though you are not at fault!
  • They pick the cheapest repairer
  • No cash in lieu of repair option
  • You run around, sorting things
  • They agree your compensation with the other insurer

EasiGo offers:

  • A similar, or better, replacement vehicle to your own- even if you are only Third Party Insured!
  • No insurance policy excess or any other costs
  • Main dealer or your own choice, of repairer
  • We get forecourt values for your vehicle-even if you have Motor Trade cover
  • We handle all the paperwork and deal with the other insurers
  • Cash in lieu of repair option, if we handle your injury claim
  • We recommend a solicitor who will get you maximum compensation for your injuries
Easigo-Scotland are the experts at dealing with road accident claims; from repairing your car and lending you a free one, to getting you maximum compensation for your injuries. As part of your car accident claim, we deliver a replacement vehicle to your home or place of work, and will also organize for your damaged car to be taken to an approved repairer. A damage report will be prepared, assessing whether it is repairable and also giving a replacement value if it is too badly damaged. Easigo file your car accident claim with the other party's insurers; we obtain police and witness statements. We deal directly with the other party's insurers, so your no claims bonus, nor policy excess is affected. Even if your own or the other insurer has already dealt with your car claim, we can recover your policy excess, if we handle your injury claim. Likewise, if an insurance company is dealing with your car claim, we will handle the injury side for you; - we generally get better injury compensation awards for car accident claims.

Our car accident claims solicitors only handle road accident injury compensation claims. As well as organizing any on-going specialist treatment, such as physiotherapy, we will organize for a medical report, and get maximum compensation for your car accident claim. We only handle road traffic accident claims, so are well able to advise if the compensation offer is acceptable. If we feel it is too low, we will demand a better offer. It maybe that the specialist consultant has recommended some on-going physiotherapy; if so, this will be arranged.

We are even able to handle road accident claims where you are uninsured, if there is an injury claim involved. Likewise, if you have been hit by a foreign car or lorry, we can handle your claim.

Our car accident claim services are totally free for our customers, whether you are a driver or a passenger. We operate throughout the UK, and offer a total service, dedicated to getting you back on the road, with no costs, fuss or bother. We are experts in road accident claims, and make sure that you get the best compensation possible for your car accident claim.